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Mudskippers are an Alt Folk trio from the Exe Estuary and Exeter area of Devon, England. Known to compose beautifully rich songs influenced by many of the modern British folk legends as well as indie rock, punk, pop and other music from around the world.


Described as "warm, wonderful, thoughtful music" and "a band you would really enjoy listening to at a festival with a beer", Mudskipper's absorbing compositions will take you through a dynamic musical journey.


In their softer numbers, the unusual but perfect combination of Clarinet and Cello provide a backdrop of beautiful harmonies that weave through Bully's ethereal singing.  Likened to Nick Drake, their influences of contemporary/progressive folk come through strongly.


Indie rock, pop, and punk influences often entail a switch to Saxophone, Accordion or Penny Whistle, percussive Cello chops, strummed Guitar and emotional vocal explosion for more lively songs that will get your foot tapping.


Appearances at various venues and festivals in and around Exeter, coupled with local radio play and interviews have seen them building a reputation as one of South West England's acoustic acts to watch.  The band released their debut album Replacing the Stone in December 2015. Read the FATEA review for Replacing the Stone.




Bully (Adrian Bull) – Guitar & Vocals.

Hot headed, creative, questioning and anarchic.  Years of experience as PA/tech, playing in bands and as a solo performer. A singer/songwriter with a powerful and versatile voice who also plays Bass, Mandolin and a number of other instruments.


Jo Hooper – Cello & Vocals.

Challenging the traditions of cello playing and adding depth to the band’s sound. World’s shyest singer. Artistic, fun loving, tenacious.


Corinne Bailey – Clarinet, Saxophone, Accordion, Vocals, Penny Whistle.  

One instrument just isn’t enough. Eclectic inspirations. Playful and thoughtful.


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Songwriter Bully formed Mudskippers in the early 1990s with various small electric and acoustic line-ups including Steve Crossen on Percussion, Jo on Cello and Alan Rice on Guitar before pausing in 1993 as all went about doing other things. 17 years later, a chance meeting at the Exeter Respect Festival between Jo & Bully led to the rekindling of their musical adventures.  For a short period they were re-joined by Alan, with Rich Cooke on Percussion, until another change in members led to its established current line up.


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